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6 steps for finding the perfect gift for anyone!

6 steps for finding the perfect gift for anyone!


I was sitting here thinking just now.  I was thinking that a lot of the items I review, I say “This would make a great gift”.  When I make that statement, I mean it.

But seriously, have you thought about what a gift really is?

I have 2 cousins that gave their parents a plunger one year.  One gave the handle and the other the plunger.  If I had of known I may had sent them a toilet brush.  It was a few years later that I found this out.  I was baffled and they laughed.  They explained to me the reason behind the plunger and then it made sense. 

Sure there is people out there that would be flat out mad because they received a plunger or something of that nature.  There is people that base the gifts they receive on the dollar sign behind it.  I never was that way. 

When purchasing a gift I try and find out what that person likes to do.  Someone that is interested in art may get art supplies.  Someone interested in woodworking will get tools for that.  Someone into fitness may get new resistance bands or a heart monitor. 

Gifting is really easy and it is something I love to do!  I am one of those people that really rather give then receive, don’t get me wrong- I love receiving too!

Are you having trouble figuring out just what to get someone?


Take a minute and breathe. 

Have a cup of coffee.

Think about the person you are buying for

1.  Write the name of the person down on a piece of paper

2.  When you wrote this persons name down what did you think of? 

3. Write under the name anything you associate with this person.  Do they have collect anything?  Do they have a favorite band, show?  What are their hobbies?  Do they do crafts?  What is their favorite color?  Are they an animal lover?  Do they go out a lot or stay at home a lot?  What is their lifestyle? 

Don’t worry if you don’t know some of these things.  Buying for someone at work because you draw a name out of a hat may be a bit tougher.  But buying for friends and family is a bit easier. 

4.  Now you have probably narrowed down what a person likes.  It will be easier to find a great gift for them.  Don’t think because you wrote down “Likes to watch television, that you should go out and buy them a new HD television. 

There is many things you can buy for someone that likes television  A new universal remote control, a remote control organizer, DVDs of the persons favorite show or movie.  A t-shirt that says I love TV.

5. Don’t think big, let it come from the heart.  Make it fun.  Gift giving and special occasions isn’t meant to be stressful – but are meant to be fun. 

6.  When all else fails, check out wish lists.  There is several places with wish lists available.  Places like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Target and more!  Normally all you need to have to find these lists is their email address.  You can search their list and then either buy something on there or at least find out their interests through these lists and go your own route. 

If you want my wish list to practice with just let me know haha!

My final thoughts…….

Gifts comes in all shapes, sizes & prices.  When you put a lot of thought into it and make it personal, it is sure to put a smile on anybody’s face.

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