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6 rules I use when I visit Facebook

6 rules I use when I visit Facebook

Social Media has taken the world by storm.  Many people has jumped on the bandwagon.

One of those social media outlets that I visit frequently is Facebook.  Everybody has one right?  It has been a way to meet new people, play games, read up on the latest news, connect with old friends and family, share pictures and make announcements about anything and everything.  It is a place to work, to play, to laugh to vent. To share.  Or is it?

I have sit back and taken notes.  Maybe back in my younger days, I could out post the best of them- posting play by plays.  Now I tend to sit back and watch more then I used to.  I rarely post a play by play on there.  Sure I share things.  I go there to laugh.  To see what other people is doing.  To look at pictures and sometimes private chat with friends.  But while I do all that, I have set rules for myself.  Call me a Facebook prude if you will.  But here is some of my rules, and why I have them.

Things I remind myself about when using Facebook

facebook etiquette1

Never post anything I will regret. 

I am not one to make up things, I have always been an honest person (and I am not lying).  But I see so many posts from random people that should start with “Once upon a time”.  You almost know as soon as you read it that they are making it up.   The one that is really worse then the “Once upon a time” posts is the “poor poor pitiful me”.  I am not talking about people that is really depressed.  I also realize some people live alone and the only place they can communicate is through Facebook and other sites.  The people I am talking about is the ones that cry constantly about something over and over, that never take the time out of their day to see the good in their day.  The ones that think they are the only ones that has dealt with pain. 


Facebook now has karma baby

Yes, it really does.  I don’t post anything that I don’t want to be reminded of.  If I post everyday about how bad my day is going.  If I post self centered things that is full of negativity, I am going to be reminded about it.  Facebook memories may show me something that happened last year or five years ago.  I much rather post a recipe, a picture that I love, a joke etc.  I much rather see something in a few years that made me smile, then be reminded how miserable I was one hour out of 24 hrs that was in that particular day.  Make sense?


Stay real.

Don’t be somebody I am not.  It really doesn’t matter what other people thinks of me.  You may have heard this before, but what I always remember is that everyone has an opinion.  Their opinion is none of your business.  I just stay real.  I share things that really make me laugh.  Things that I really like.  I stay real.  While I don’t post a lot of pictures of myself, it is very common knowledge that I am a BBW and I am not going to pretend to be in shape. 


Don’t fight.

Facebook fights aren’t worth it.  I don’t post anything religious or political.  Sure I have my own opinions, beliefs.  Sometimes I see things that makes me roll my eyes, makes me furious inside.  But I have learned to scroll by them.  If I ever seen something being posted by the same person and it is that bothersome, I have the option of blocking posts of that type or deleting that person off my list. It is that simple.


Don’t put it out there if I don’t want an opinion on it.

If I go to facebook and vent then I should expect people are going to offer their advice.  If I don’t want advice I shouldn’t put it out there. 


Have fun

Come out of hiding every now and then.  Laugh with people, cry with people, be a friend to people.  Share, like.  Be social.  Don’t take everything so serious.  Play a game and don’t be offended if I read something that someone posts, chances are it isn’t even meant to wards me.  I have always heard if the shoe fits wear it, but today I also seen that a orange wedge may fit inside an onion, but sometimes just because it fits – it doesn’t mean it belongs there.

Those are my Facebook rules of etiquettes, made up by me – for me. 

Do you ever set rules for yourself when using Facebook or

any social media outlets? 

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