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5 Social Networking Sites

5 Social Networking Sites


What is your favorite Social Networking site?

I can remember when MSN groups was it for me.  Once they were gone, I felt lost.  I soon found my path to some wonderful places, where I have even made a few life long friends.  While each year there is one or two more new ways to socialize and share, here is a few of my favorites.  Maybe they are yours too.  If you aren’t following or liking me – please do!  I LOVE meeting new friends!

While there is so many out there.  These are my top 5 places to “hang out”


This is probably one of my biggest daily hangouts.  It is where I can share my personal photos, Stay connected with family and friends, meet new people, join groups, like pages, chat in private or on my wall, Read funny and not so funny postings and quotes, and one of my favorite – Play games!  I have limited myself to Candy crush and a few of the other sagas from that company. 


While this has been around for a while, I didn’t catch the twitter bug until a couple of years ago.  Probably around the same time I started Shopping Wives.  Now I love it.  Not only can I instantly have access to my favorite celebrities and people.  I can also type in 40 words or less what is going on.  Sometimes it is good for me to have a limit or else I will go on and on.  Don’t believe me?  Ask John.  haha


This is something that is difficult for me.  Not that it is hard to use.  Because it is simple to use!  If I go there I can stay there for hours!  No matter what you are looking for it is there.  recipes, styles, crafts, ideas.   It helps my sometimes unorganized brain to keep things in check.  If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, I warn you – it is addicting, but wonderful!  Be sure and follow me!

Google +

This is a site that is really beginning to trump all others.  While it doesn’t have the games that facebook offers, it does have so much available.  My favorite thing, is the people there.  It truly is a place to socialize, you can add stuff to your page, read other peoples pages and join groups.  Another great thing that my friends enjoy, is the hangouts.  This is definitely some place I intend to spend more time at so I can connect with more people.  If you are already there be sure and add me to your circle! 


I am finding this more and more fun to use.  If I am out at my favorite shopping place or having lunch, it is so easy to snap a picture and share my day with other people. My favorite part about it is seeing what other people share.  I may never make it around the world, but through instagram I can see what someone in China is having for lunch, or the latest ride at an amusement park that I may have never known about otherwise.  It is really wonderful to be a part of.

Be sure and like, follow, add me to your circle on any of these networks that you are in!  More importantly, you are always welcome to send me a message, a Hello-  Lets connect! 



disclaimer:  All opinions in this post are 100% my own and  may or may not differ from yours.


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