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5 Classic Comfort Foods Made Healthy

5 Classic Comfort Foods Made Healthy


I love food.  I can’t help it.  In my years of trying to get healthier, I have tried giving up some of my favorite dishes.  End result is starving myself and then binging on it first chance I have got.  The years have made me wiser, or I have gotten real maybe.  Fact is I now know I can’t cut everything out of my life.  I need to learn 1.) moderation 2.) how to make better choices.  When I say better choices, I don’t only mean turning in my chocolate cake for a yogurt or my spaghetti in for a salad.  I mean learning how to make a healthier version of my favorite dishes.  Sure I still need moderation, learning when I am full.  But every little thing does help. 

I wanted to share with you, how you can turn 5 of your favorite dishes into healthier versions. 

1.  Fried ChickenWhile it will always be bad for you to prepare this in a deep fryer (I don’t care what kind of oil you are using), you can still enjoy chicken.  Have you ever tried preparing it in the oven?  Try breading it with almond flour.  Fry it with a little bit of coconut oil on top of the stove, just to get it a good brown looking color. Throw it in a baking dish and let it bake in the oven.  This will be so much better for you health wise.

2.  Chicken and Dumplings. I grew up on these wonderful things!  My husband still doesn’t understand or appreciate how this carb overloaded goodness really is!  The best thing you can do to make these healthier is to try using strictly breasts.  I know, the fat is what makes it good right?  Use the breast and maybe a swanson chicken broth to get that seasoning.  Use wheat flour instead of regular flour.  This will be so much healthier for you in the long run, and they are still going to give you the comforting taste you are craving

3. Grilled CheeseCan you really make this healthy?  You can if you switch that wonderful white bread with a whole grain bread.  What about all the wonderful butter that is lathered all over the bread?  You won’t need that if you toast it instead of grilling it!  last but not least, pick your cheese wisely.  I tend to want the single slices but in reality those aren’t very healthy.  Usually if we look in the deli we can find healthier options, and go in moderation.  less is more when it comes to grilled cheese.

4.  Mac & Cheese.  This is one of my favorite things.  I always have loved making it with lots of butter milk and cheese.  Why not try using whole wheat macaroni?   use avocado in place of the butter.  Be careful what cheese you use.  Again, the slices aren’t always the best for us.  Try finding a fat free cheese at the store or even using cottage cheese mixed with a less amount of regular cheese can make it awesome.  Seriously try it!

5.   Brownies.  Yes you can still have Brownies.  Maybe though use almond flour and instead of using oil, you can use avocado?  Don’t forget to use fat free milk as well.  There is so many little things you can do, even when using a box mix!

Do you have any tips for making a recipe healthier?

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