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PR Friendly!

PR Friendly!

Have you heard?   Shopping Wives is VERY PR Friendly!

All Pitches are welcome!

My blog mainly appeals to women over the age of 30.  With this said, the majority of the women this age is in charge of purchasing everything from food to gifts for children & even grandchildren!

I blog about a wide variety of things.  Including but not limited to:

Makeup & Accessories

Clothes & Shoes

Movies & games

food & drinks

Household items & appliances

Technology & Aps

Pets.  Dogs/Cats

toys girls/boys

Travel & Dining out

New items

weight loss/fitness

When I review a product I will have the post out within a month of receiving the item, Unless you request a different time frame.  My product review will include a  lot pictures.  Pro’s and Cons.  Honest opinions.

I use several social networks and belong to several forums, where I influence several thousands of people daily.  I will be promoting your product through these routes!

I am flexible and will work with you.  While my opinions are 100% my own I am flexible on my time and postings.

I also  do Giveaways using Rafflecopter.   My giveaways generally run 2 weeks at the most.  All I require is a product to review myself and one for the giveaway winner/winners.

I welcome all questions & look forward to hearing from you!

I have a media kit available upon request.



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  • I have a 10 month old who gags on “real” food, so I still buy baby food, yogurt, baby cereal, etc for him. Are those costs included in the weekly budget since he doesn’t count when determining the $25/person/week budget?

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  • The ability to think like that shows you’re an expert

  • disons que pour ça, il faudrait que je repasse… Hem…@Mike: la psyphopathe a très très honte et court se cacher… (après avoir corrigé cette énorme faute)

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