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15 ways to get rid of Ants using kitchen items

15 ways to get rid of Ants using kitchen items


Along with the nice weather comes along the nice insects.  I have nothing against them, when they are in their proper place.  That proper place is not my space though. 

I know there has been several ants getting in my space the last week or so.  How about you?  Have you dealt with them this year? 

That is what has inspired this post.  There is so many things we can do to get rid of these pesky insects.  Most of the items we already have in our kitchen. 

Here is a list of 15 ways to get rid of Ants using home items. 



1. lemon juice

just spray it, they don’t like the scent!

2. cinnamon

smells good to us but ants do NOT like the scent. Sprinkle it around where you see the ants.

3.  peppermint

They don’t like the smell – But we do!

4.  chalk

yes you can really draw a chalk line!  The talcum (also in baby powder) is something the ants do not like!

5.  baking soda mixed with powdered sugar

The sugar draws them, the baking soda- get’s rid of them.

6.  coffee grounds

If something doesn’t like coffee, it doesn’t belong in my home!  They dislike the smell of the grounds.  These should be sprinkled around where the ants are coming in or even outside.

7.  cornmeal

This is toxic to ants.  Sprinkle it around and your problem will soon be over.

8.  cream of wheat

This will cause the ants to swell up

9.  vinegar

like most of us, ants doesn’t like the smell of vinegar and they will leave when it is sprayed near them


10.  duct tape

Of course duct tape made the list!  It is good for just about everything.  For some reason ants do not want to cross across duct tape.  You can put it in window seals, on counters etc.  sticky side down and they won’t go near it.

11.  pepper,garlic & onion mix

mix these things in water, let it sit a while, then spray.  This spray will keep ants a way, but the smell may keep company away as well

12.  table salt

make a mixture of salt water and spray.  That’s it.

13.  cucumber

You can chop up the whole cucumber or just the peel.  Sit them around in a bowl and the ants will stay away.

14.  glass cleaner/liquid dish soap

mix them together and spray.  be cautious with this around pets and kids, these are both chemicals and the window cleaner does contain ammonia

15.  borax/powdered sugar

same as the baking powder and sugar.  The sugar draws the ant and the baking powder destroys them.

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