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15 stain removing tips and hints

15 stain removing tips and hints

I have heard on a commercial several times, “Life is Messy, Clean it up”.  I think that might be from a Tide commercial.  I could not agree more with that commercial!  Life is messy.  Sometimes it is so messy that we need more then soap powder to clean it up. 

While our clothes, sheets and other fabrics are expensive, how do we enjoy life and keep our fabrics from being stained?  Over the years I have picked up several tried and true remedies for stains.

In this post I am sharing stain removal tips. Some of these tips I have been passed on to me or I have read somewhere.  I hope you enjoy them!

1.  Orange juice– apply some glycerin to the spot and let it soak.  Then rinse your garment in luke warm water.

2. Berries–  Soak in milk then rinse in warm water

3.  Beer– Wash it out in lukewarm water

4.  Pencil stains–  warm soapy water works for garments, on leather fabrics try using an eraser

5.  Blood– Wash the fresh stain with cold water.  If the stain is dried, try soaking it in saltwater before washing.


6. Butter– Liquid ammonia should remove that greasy stuff.

7.  Grass stains– mix a dash of alcohol, a few drops of ammonia and hot water together.  This solution should remove the stain.

8.  Grease– sprinkle cornstarch on the spot and leave it for a while.  Then just brush cornstarch and stains away!

9.  Coffee–  Soak coffee stains in glycerin and then rinse with water.

10.  Chewing gum– put garment in freezer, once gum is hard it should pull right off.

white wine

11.  Lipstick– Glycerin rubbed on the lipstick stain should do the trick.

12. Oil– soak in liquid ammonia before washing

13.  Rust– Lemon juice on the spot should take care of it.

14.  Chocolates–  Rub with glycerin and wash out with warm soapy water.

15.  perspiration–  soak in vinegar water before washing.

Do you have any tips for removing stains?  If so share

them in the comment section below!


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