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12 gifts your dogs will love this holiday season!

12 gifts your dogs will love this holiday season!

dog gifts

The other morning while attempting to drink my coffee and watch the Harry show,  as I try to do daily, I had a dog jump on my lap.  Immediately another dog jumped after him causing him to run away.  The next thing I know I am  holding on to my coffee for dear life as I become the race track for the sheltie boys . 

At the same time, Dolly, the baby girl sheltie, is yipping in her baby voice and trying to join in.  Then there is Cleo- lying on the ottoman beside me – sleeping like nothing is going on.  Maybe she can’t hear what is going on, over the snoring. 


Needless to say that my coffee is cold before it is finished.  Harry is backing it up and the dogs are still going.

  Finally I am able to look over at John and say:  “Our house would sure be boring without them”.  And he agreed.

They keep the house alive and keep us on our toes.  They make us laugh and yes, sometimes it feels like they are getting on our last nerve.  But I wouldn’t change a thing.  Yes, 4 dogs is our comfortable number.  While I would love to bring in 4 more, we know our limit. 

While sometimes it does stretch us we want our dogs to feel important in our family.  We want them not only to be warm inside on a cold day, not only fed – but also loved.  We want to earn the devotion that each one offers us..  We want to give back that unconditional love that each one offers.


That is why during this busy holiday season I have came up with a Amazon wish list for my furbabies.  I add things to the list and then in between busy holiday preparations and shopping, I can offer them a treat they love.  I also like to use this list to maybe buy for friends dogs. 

While doing a lot of my Christmas shopping online this year, I have searched the web for ideas.  I have came around several lists of gift ideas for her, for him, for kids and teens, techies and bakers.  I have yet find one for dogs – or as I call them, my furbabies.  So I have decided to share my list of

12 gifts your dogs will love this holiday season!

1.  Bully Sticks

I received some for review one time.  I wrote about them here.  My dogs love them.  Downside is that they are a little costly. 

2.  rawhide sticks

We buy around 200 of these a month!  We found out our dogs live the Dingo ones more then just the plain ones.  Dingo sticks are white with red twists.  We found out later there is real chicken in the center.  I think that is why our dogs love them so much.

3.  Rope toys

While I love to buy cute toys, my dogs love ropes!  They love them all shapes and sizes.  They are perfect to play catch and fetch or just to lay with and chew on.

4.  Balls

My dogs love balls, but when playing in doors they lose them under the couch and other furniture.  They are better for outside.


5.  Dog Food

While this isn’t a treat but a need- I like to add this to my wish list.  I know it would also be a great gift to me if someone gifted it to me.

6.  Dry Dog shampoo

Anyone that has ever belonged to a dog will know about the lovely smells they sometimes carry in on them.  We don’t always have time to bathe them.  Dry dog shampoo is something we discovered and want to keep on hand.  It really work, if all it does is provide deodorant!

5.  Dog Brush

There is a variety of these out there.  Depending on the dog you have will determine what you need.  We have a regular brush with 2 sides and deshedding brush that works great

6.  pet feeder & or waterer

These are wonderful to have!  We have one for our cats hard food and then we have one for just water that the dogs and cats share.  It seems I am always filling it up and have decided with 4 dogs and 5 cats that we really need a 2nd one!  having the one really has saved me a lot of steps.

neater feeder

7.  Retractable Dog Leash

These are what you need when training a dog.  Foxy & Cleo neither one need leashes at home.  Wolfie still has not been trustworthy about coming inside every time we tell him to and because of that we use a leash 8 out of 10 times.  With a retractable leash you have control on how far to let them go.  It also is perfect for letting them go the length and teaching them to come back to you.  Dolly is only about 11 weeks now.  I still use a leash with her because she is so fast.  John takes her out without one.  Either way, they are perfect to have, especially the nicer ones.  Going to vet, petsmart or just out in public requires a leash for all our dogs. 

8.  interactive toy 

I don’t own any of these yet.  But I would love to see how the “kids” would react with one!  They love toys and I think they would be a lot of fun.

9.  Agility toys

These make a fun workout for you and your dog!  It will keep you both busy while outside.  Right now we don’t own any specific toys such as these, but I do work with them to jump over things in the yard.  I think it would be nice to set up a space for something like this if for nothing else then to let them get their energy out while outside.


10.  Dog bed

I would love to have a cute princess looking bed for Dolly!  Our only problems to date with dog beds is chewing.  A couple of our dogs enjoy chewing until they get to the stuffing.  I haven’t found a solution for this yet.  I am sure there is one out there.  If you know of any- let me know!

11.  Thunder Jacket

This is another thing that I don’t own but would love to have one for all 4 of my dogs.  They are all lions at home until they hear thunder, then they are on my lap.  As a dogowner I would love to receive these as gifts for Christmas and I am sure the dog owners or as I normally say, people owned by dogs, would love them as well. 

12.  Tennis Balls and Ball launcher

This would be soooo fun for outside!  When I am out a lone with all 4 of the furbabies, sometimes 2 arms can’t throw fast enough.  This would be a perfect solution!

dog gifts

There is so many options when it comes to gifts for dogs and their owners!  The above list is just a few.  If you are looking for last minute gifts then I would suggest anything on mine for  the petowners in your life!  You are welcome to view my list here on Amazon

Feel Free to add to my gift list!  List some of your favorites in the comments below!  

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