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10 Things That Will Make Your Dog Happy Every Day

10 Things That Will Make Your Dog Happy Every Day

A happy dog is usually a healthy dog, and vice versa. Dogs aren’t too different to humans. Although their intelligence only usually reaches that of a 2 year old, they can still feel strong emotions. Dogs can actually feel sad and get depressed just like humans can! If you want to ensure that your dog feels happy every day, take a few things away from this list. Here are 10 things that will make your dog happy every day:


Providing you get your dog used to being groomed while they are young, it won’t bother them when they are older. If you’re unsure of how to get started, read a few tutorial guides or visit a professional. You don’t want to clip your dog’s nails too short or end up hurting them in some way. Some dogs actually love grooming, and it can be a great way for you both to bond. Do it regularly to keep them healthy and looking their best!

Bonding Time

You can bond with your dog via grooming, but there are lots of other ways too. Playing with your dog, exercising with your dog, and getting out of the house with your dog can all help you both to bond. Creating a strong bond with your pet is one of the great joys in life. They call them ‘man’s best friend’ for a reason! Your dog will have a much better sense of purpose when you build this bond with them, which we will discuss more later on.


Your dog needs exercise to stay healthy, and get rid of any pent up energy that they may have. It varies from breed to breed, so make sure you’ve done plenty of research and you know exactly how much exercise your dog should be getting. Make sure you walk them at least once a day, depending on the route you take. A dog’s main sense is their smell, so let them sniff a lot as you walk them. This will tire them out more. They say that a tired dog is a happy dog!


Quality Food and Fresh Water

All dogs need quality food and fresh water. You don’t necessarily need to feed them the most expensive food on the market, but you should pick a food that they like and that agrees with them. You should change their water bowl each time they need it. They like everything to be fresh, just like we do!


Your dog will feel happier after socialising, so make it a regular thing. If you know somebody else with a dog, meet up and introduce your dogs. Just be sure they both know how to act around other dogs first!

Adequate Shelter

A dog needs adequate shelter to keep them safe and comfortable. Dog houses are popular choices, but many dogs live inside with their owners now too. Be sure that wherever they stay, they have a comfortable bed and that it’s safe for them.

A Purpose

Dogs are much like humans in the sense that they need a purpose. With no purpose, a dog will struggle to cope. You can give them a purpose by making sure you are a good pack leader to them in every way possible. Take them on adventures with you and bond like an owner and a dog should! To make sure you are the pack leader, you need to be dominant at all times. A dominant energy is a calm energy, not an aggressive one. Be sure to remember that! You need to remain consistent at all times, or your dog will get confused over who the pack leader really is.



Training your dog will make you both happier. Every dog needs to know when to sit, stay, and fetch. You should also make sure they are toilet trained as soon as possible. Don’t berate them for having an accident in the house; they are still learning! If they have accidents and you have trained them properly, this could be a sign of rebellion. You may need to work with a trainer to work out what can be done!


Teaching a dog a trick can be fun for both of you. Treat it like a game! You could teach them to fetch, jump through hoops, or walk on their hind legs. There are all kinds of tricks you can both master. Although your dog will learn how to behave when it is mostly a puppy, the learning should never stop. Once you have a good foundation in place, teach your dog as many tricks as you can to keep their minds active. It’ll make them happy when they see how happy you are. Some dogs have a lot of potential and can perform some great tricks if you stick with it. Just make sure you don’t attempt to train them for too long at a time. They’ll likely get bored after more than 10 minutes, and any training will be wasted. A little every day will go a long way.


All dogs need praise when they’ve done something right. They will always do as the pack leader says, voluntarily. As it’s voluntary, you should make sure you give them a small treat or a few minutes fuss for doing what you asked. This is especially important if they are doing it for the first time. You don’t need to give a treat every time, but you should the first few times to reinforce the behavior. Positive reinforcement is essential to a well behaved dog.

These 10 things will make your dog happy every day. Some of them are absolutely essential, such as food, water, and exercise. Others are optional, but are great for them like grooming, tricks, and socializing. If you do as much as you can for your dog each day, they’ll be very happy. Be a good pack leader and they’ll be a good dog. There are no such things as bad dogs, just bad owners! 

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